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July 30, 2013

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We are offering engineering software in the field of manufacturing industry.

ADVENTURECluster is a CAE tool based on parallel processing technology.

CAE is a tool for design and reliability evaluation using computational mechanics.

Parallel Structural Analysis System ADVENTURECluster
ADVENTURECluster is a commercial parallel CAE system based on ADVENTURE system, under collaboration with a number of universities, research institutes and companies.

ADVENTURECluster has been developed under the following concept:

  • Runs on parallel computer systems.
  • Unconstraint availability of taking the number of processors.
  • Covers from pre-processing to post-processing.
  • analyzes complex models without any simplification.
  • The pre-processor generates meshes which reflects the model at great length, the solver analyses these large-scale meshes.
  • The post-processor can visualize large-scale analysis results at a very high speed.
  • Under the above methodology, ADVENTURECluster removes user's engineering judgment at great length.

IBM Platform MPI is the standard parallel environment for ADVENTURECluster. Platform MPI is advantageous compared to other implementations in a way that better performance of communication on SMP or muti-core machines is obtained, and the same executable can be used to machines with various interconnects, etc.

windowsADVENTURECluster Solver is supported to Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 (CCS)

MEML Library for Pb-Free Solder
MEML (Model of EcoMaterials Library) for Pb-free solder has been developed in cooperation with Toshiba Corporation and Ohno Laboratory at Nagoya University. The function can be used for evaluating reliability of electronics products that include Pb-free solder. Pb-free solder corresponds to RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) directive by EU (European Union).

Notes on illegal download site
The web page which has posted without our permission you can download our products ADVENTURECluster related software is reported to exist. We have no relationship of any kind with the company which runs the site and we have not provided the same kind services using the site other than that ours available only for the licensed users. When download files from such sites, you might suffer from failures in the system and we faithfully advise to be careful.

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